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Statuarietto marble is a precious natural stone extracted from Carrara quarries, in Northern Tuscany Apuan Alps, a beautiful marble characterized by subtle stripes and veining that cross the pure white shiny background. Statuarietto il perfect in different applications, all for interior designs, as countertops for modern kitchens and bathrooms, facings, floorings, fireplaces fašades, decorative objects and design elements for everyday use as vases, trays and many more. Statuarietto's very fine grain gives surfaces a splendid shine, the polishing is the finish that most compliments this material, highlighting its beautiful features.

Statuarietto is suitable for both classical style projects and modern and contemporary designs, a natural stone that reflects light, it is very recognizable and gives each design a unique and distinct personality, elegance and style.
(cm) 11,4x45,6 / 22,8x45,6 / 45,6x45,6 / 22,8x91,2 / 45,6x91,2 / 91,2x91,2 Thickness (cm) 1,2

Cutting of blocksSurface lavoration
Technical data provides a frame of reference only. As stone is a product of nature, up to date testing to determine specific physical qualities should be repeated for each major project. We decline any responsability for the mis-use of this data, since said data is sourced from the quarry.