Nero Saint Laurent

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Nero Saint Laurent marble is a natural stone distinguished by a deep black background crossed by irregular white and golden veining. Elegant, fascinating and stylish, Nero Saint Laurent is suitable to many types of applications especially modern and contemporary ones but also appropriate for those projects having a classical or more traditional style, characterised by timeless elegance.

Nero Saint Laurent is suitable for interior applications as floorings, claddings and facings, kitchen and bathroom tops, decorative and daily objects, and also jewelry and sculptures. Its deep black background makes this marble very recognizable: Nero Saint Laurent is an exclusive and precious marble, a natural stone with a unique personality able to offer character and style to settings and applications. The finishes that best express the personality and beauty od Noir Saint Laurent marble are polishing and sanding, very different styles that highlight the marble's background and the originality of its natural beautiful golden veining.

Physical mechanical characteristics

EN 13755-08 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure % 105 0
EN 1936-07 Apparent Density KG/m3 2700 0
EN 1936-07 Open porosity % 30 0
Technical data provides a frame of reference only. As stone is a product of nature, up to date testing to determine specific physical qualities should be repeated for each major project. We decline any responsability for the mis-use of this data, since said data is sourced from the quarry.