Carrara White

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White Carrara marble is the epitome of marble, the stone that allows to put the accent on its intrinsic luxury and exclusivity and to transfer it in every application, which only a natural material can achieve. Perfect for interiors and exteriors, White Carrara marble is distinguished by other similar marbles because, in addition to having a beautiful white background crossed by slender gray veins, it is a very versatile material. In fact, its very fine grain and high degree of hardness make it aesthetically beautiful, easy to combine with other materials and very resistant, fundamental characteristics for any application whether classical, traditional, modern or contemporary.

The hardness and the fine grain are the elements able to determine an excellent resistance and a high level of gloss, perfect to give brightness to rooms and create valuable floors, stairs for interiors or exteriors, tops and window sills, decorative objects and for everyday use, both fascinating and functional.

Physical mechanical characteristics

EN 13755-08 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure % 0,11 0,01
EN 1936-07 Apparent Density KG/m3 2700 4,1
EN 1936-07 Open porosity % 0,4 0,07
EN 12372-07 Flexural strength
  (in natural conditions) MPa 20,3 1,6
  (EN 12371-03 exposed to 48 frost cycles MPa 18,3 0,8
EN 1926-07 Uniaxial compressive strength MPa 100 6,3
EN 14231-04 Slip resistance (honed finishing)
  (dry) USRV 50 3
  (wet) USRV 21 4
A fine-grained metamorphic lithotype composed of subeuhedral/euhedral calcitic blasts with rounded and/or sutured grain boundaries that are also sometimes but rarely interlobed and generally clear. The mosaic is inequigranular and the blasts vary in size between 200 and 400 Ám. Veins and patches occur composed of calcitic blasts clouded by microgranulations of opaque minerals and microblisters, calcitic microcrystals (50 ¸ 70 Ám) that are also clouded to some extent, acicular muscovite and pyrite (< 30 Ám). Trace amounts of secondary quartz are also present which fill the existing pores.
Average size of blocks: 3,00 x 1,70 x 1,70m. Slabs are preferably cut against the grain or perpendicular to the grain, i.e. the hard way and the easy way

Cutting of blocksSurface lavoration
Technical data provides a frame of reference only. As stone is a product of nature, up to date testing to determine specific physical qualities should be repeated for each major project. We decline any responsability for the mis-use of this data, since said data is sourced from the quarry.