Calacata Carrara

ItalyApplicationindoor / outdoor Type marble colour  White Categorymarbles
Calacata Carrara marble is a splendid Italian marble extracted from Carrara quarries in the Apuan Alps. The main characteristics of this beautiful natural stone are its warm white background crossed by light brown and grey veining, a material very sought after in the last few years due not only to its beauty and elegance but also its technical qualities, durability and resistance, that make it perfect for many types of applications and design projects. Calacata Carrara marble is suitable for interior and for exterior projects.

Calacata Carrara is also characterized by a rather fine and compact grain, a lithotype that resembles very much a breccia. Rare surface porosity is apparent, Calacata Carrara becomes very shiny if polished so it's perfect for elegant and refined floorings, staircases, decorative objects, bathroom and kitchen countertops and facings of many kinds. Calacata Carrara is available in big block and it is an excellent alternative to Calacatta Oro marble, for its smaller price as well.

Physical mechanical characteristics

EN 13755-08 Water absorption at atmospheric pressure % 0,11 0,01
EN 1936-07 Apparent Density KG/m3 2710 0
EN 1936-07 Open porosity % 0,3 0,03
EN 12372-07 Flexural strength
  (in natural conditions) MPa 16,9 2,5
  (EN 12371-03 exposed to 48 frost cycles MPa 15,6 1,9
EN 1926-07 Uniaxial compressive strength MPa 67,2 29,4
EN 14231-04 Slip resistance (honed finishing)
  (dry) USRV 61 2,7
  (wet) USRV 35 2,7
A generally anisotropic metamorphic lithotype with a vague isoorientation of the more elongated crystals and the veins. The blasts are euhedral-subeuhedral with straight grain boundaries that are sutured in places and seriate (from 150 to 600 Ám) and a crystalline mosaic with blasts from 80 to 200 Ám, inside which submillimetric spots can be seen composed of blasts clouded by microgranulations of opaque minerals associated with abundant acicular muscovite and euhedral pyrite (< 400 Ám). The veins are composed of calcite microcrystals clouded by microgranulations of opaque minerals, acicular muscovite, rare quartz and feldspar crystals and rhombic dolomitic crystals.
Average size of blocks: 3,00 x 1,70 x 1,70m Slabs are preferably cut against the grain, i.e the hard way (staggered

Cutting of blocksSurface lavoration
Technical data provides a frame of reference only. As stone is a product of nature, up to date testing to determine specific physical qualities should be repeated for each major project. We decline any responsability for the mis-use of this data, since said data is sourced from the quarry.