Our company

Byblos Stone, a solid reality in the fast-changing landscape of the stone business for over 40 years.

Established  in Carrara in 1975 and still based in that area, our company specializes in the production and international marketing of iconic and precious marble.

Noir St. Laurent is  our cornerstone: we  own the quarry which is located in France, and we have a huge quantity of blocks  ready to be processed in our stockyard in Carrara;

Michelangelo : we are proud to be considered the biggest manufacturer of this marble thanks to our very close relationship with the quarry;

Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato:  these are the “must-have” marbles, much sought-after by our customers.

The starting point of our activity was the French marble, the exquisite Noir St. Laurent. A warm deep black colour, enriched by golden and ivory veins, perfect for interior design.  

Noir St. Laurent : character and exclusiveness, to satisfy the  demands of architects and designers, such that our blocks and slabs have been the starting point for successful projects all over the world.

Byblos Stone is committed to select, buy and process the best blocks from the quarries so as to always provide our clients with the best material and most competitive price: all this to give buyers the chance to hit the mark and pick the winners.

What’s new? : we will shortly introduce a new special white quarzite, a precious stone belonging to the group of gems, harder than any other except diamond and topaz.

The rare beauty of this exclusive white gem has got what it takes to meet top-end market  demands and to join the success of our most sought-after marble.